Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend RoundUp

Um, so in my attempts to pack quickly and efficiently this afternoon, I neglected to check my parents' basement for any remaining items that belong to me. Even when my bag seemed significantly lighter than when I arrived, I didn't clue into the fact that five or six shirts were still hanging to dry in their laundry room.

[Kick. Self. Now.]

If I'm wearing strange combinations of clothing for the next week/month, you now know why. I just might have to rock that shirt I bought in the seventh grade but can't bear to part with. Sheesh.

Instead of dwelling on the frustrations that come with being me, let's review some of the lighter notes of late.


I feel a fist pummel my back. I turn around to see my brother feigning innocence. His defense? "Chiropractic." Apparently such a word excuses all physical violence.

Lost in Translation

Mom: What are you two talking about?
Me: Scalping tickets.
Mom: Don't you dare scalp chickens.

The Bedingfields

Those of you familiar with Hillsong music are probably aware of the song "Shout Your Fame," a worship hit (Is there such a thing?) out of the London Hillsong church. What you may not know (as I didn't, until today) is that Natasha Bedingfield cowrote the song! If you listen to this version, you can hear her quite clearly. And no offense to the always awesome Australian Hillsong folks, but this version trumps all.

Hilarious aside: Her single "I Wanna Have Your Babies" was never released in North America. Watch the video and understand. Cracks me up. For guys, it probably belongs in the horror category.

I miss the days when her brother, Daniel Bedingfield, was almost famous. I have vivid memories of putting on makeup to this song every Sunday morning during my Guelph days. I have no idea why it inspires lipgloss application.

But this is the number-one swoon-inducing ditty that will forever haunt him. Sigh.

Okay, I'm off to figure out how to salvage my existing wardrobe into something non-pathetic. I need to work somewhere with uniforms. Really, I need to join the Dharma Initiative. Somehow avoiding the violent purging of my people, naturally.

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Beth said...

i kind of love the bedingfields too. by which i mean, i often wonder if they still love Jesus, and I like running to "Gotta Get Through This."