Monday, March 16, 2009


I slept for 13 hours last night.

I thought I had kicked it. There was a moment of mental clarity this afternoon, of revisiting energy.

And then it hit me again.

I just want to sit here. And stare into space. My bed is too far away to bother considering sleep.

I'm pretty sure it's a strain of mono that squeezes your head until you hate anything related to "doing." Because I crave nothing. A whole lotta nothing. Or it's the flu. In junior form.

Instead of Guinness tomorrow, I should raise a glass of green Triaminic.*

*Green Triaminic is the vile liquid that incited a rather violent outburst by a 5-year-old Nadine once upon a time. Sorry, Mom, for kicking and screaming. I couldn't help it. I'm pretty sure turpentine tastes better.

Oh, and according to the Triaminic website, I should be staying home from school. Good to know.


Laura J said...

it actually sounds like the full blown flu. achy, tired, listless etc.'s terrible. so my ICU nurse prescription is to alternate ibuprofen and tylenol at 2 hour intervals along with lots of water. you should feel better around saturday...sorry.

Sarah said...

That sucks, Nadine. Fell better soon!
Do you know where you got it from?
I'm thinking it may be toddler-related...

mike said...

I remember the Green Triaminic stand off - maybe it will be reworked into a movie scene someday

Walking Church said...

Hope your are on the mend - see a Doctor if you are not.

(Maybe you are in the market for a Doctor - see a Doctor - giggling)

Any old how the old choice - Red Pill/Blue Pill or the Triaminic? Maybe one of each...naw...

Rest up there onhertoes.