Tuesday, March 24, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Nadine

Because Googling yourself is so 2001, YouTubing yourself is now where it's at. Uh, sort of.

The Amateur

Lovable, no?

The Pro

My high-school music teacher used to sing this every time I entered the room. Yes, I survived until the age of 14 before discovering Chuck Berry's serenade to moi.

Please admit you've done the same. Everyone needs to find a song with their name in it. If there isn't one, start writing!


mike said...

now with Michael there is also a limited choice:
Michael Row the Boat Ashore
Michael from Mountains (Joni Mitchell)
The Ballad Of Michael Valentine (The Killers)
Message to Michael (Dionne Warwick)

Walking Church said...

try living with Alvin?!?

what the heck were my parents thinkin?

even 'Alvin' after 50 years never get's old...

thanks Dave...

mike said...

It could be worse... you could have been a boy named sue :-)