Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Africa

Confession of the day: I love "Africa." The song. I'm sure I'd love the continent, too, but as I haven't been there, I don't feel qualified to ramble on and on about its greatness. But I will go. Believe you me. In fact, it was only last year that I was seriously considering quitting my job and volunteering at an AIDS orphanage.... But that's another blog post.

Back to music.


You should watch Chuck. For the many nuggets of television gold as seen in the clip below. Jeffster's "Africa" is so perfectly horrible, it might be my favorite version of the song. (And how can you not embrace a show with a Captain Awesome in it?!)

"This is as good as it gets, man."

I concur.

Karl Wolf

My iPod likes Karl Wolf's version. Yep, I have a song that features Culture on the Nano. I try to keep my musical life interesting. (My running playlist is three hours long. In case my 5k run magically turns into a marathon.)

I'm not really into music videos full of bikinis. Or robes. Or shirtlessness. Or baseball caps (called "lids" by the cool kids). But what can you do? I love this song. It was totally worth the $0.99.

(But really, people, who dances in front of a campfire in a bikini? Burnt bum = not sexy. That's your lesson for the day.)


Toto deserves the credit for such musical genius. So I shall leave you with the original.

Bonus: Scrubs

If you're a Scrubs fan, watch JD sing along in the bathtub.


Beth said...

is it too late for me to start watching chuck? i haven't yet. but i want to.

Vanessa said...

Totally just purchased Karl Wolf's version of Africa.
I too, love that song.
If I ever start running again (probably post bebe) it will also be on my running play list. :)

nadine said...

Beth, it's only in its second season (so you could catch up over the summer on DVD). Or you could just start watching. It's not too crazy/complicated. You'd be caught up in no time.

Vanessa, I ran today. To "Africa" :)
It wasn't available on iTunes until this past week. It was driving me crazy! But now all is right with the world.

amanda said...

Everytime I hear Africa I think of JD in Scrubs, and how he eats body butter. Ah, I love that show. Did you know it's back on ABC now?