Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cooking With Nadine

I went to the market yesterday. I came home over $600 poorer.

I did not spend $600 on vegetables.

My trip also happened to include the purchase of the coolest glasses ever (to be ready in three weeks), expensive greens+ drink and protein powder, and the writing of a food-bank cheque. Yep, it hurt. But only because my nickname should be Ebeneezer.

Back to the produce.

If you look in my fridge right now, you will see little of yesterday's bounty. In my attempts to be organized (and to consume massive quantities of vegetables daily), I've prepared most of my week's meals in advance. I heart leftovers.

Oven omelet:
(4 breakfasts - each slice served with one Roma tomato)

8 eggs
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper (I like red spices)
Entire bag of arugula
Can of mushrooms
One diced red pepper
One diced sweet onion

[Vegan-friendly] Pasta:
(tonight's dinner + three lunches)

Whole wheat pasta
Chick peas
Tomato sauce
One diced sweet onion
Entire bag of white button mushrooms, sliced
One diced yellow pepper
Minced garlic
Oregano, chili powder

I find one long afternoon in the kitchen (with one large mess) is far more productive than half-heartedly throwing together lunches every evening. I'm lazy. I know this about myself. So I'm trying to circumvent my own weakness by doing it all in one fell swoop.

I should have my own cooking show: How to throw everything in your fridge into one dish.

With red grapes on the side. I'm addicted.

P.S. As a single lady (and hardly active in the pick-up world -- although I did wear a dress today. Apparently that means I'm on the prowl), I am free to consume as much onion and garlic as I please. There are perks to going solo.


michael lewis said...

When I was in college (SAIT, Calgary) I would regularly cook huge pots of food on weekends and then graze all week long in the fridge on "left-overs".

Though, technically, I believe that in order for it to be consider "left over", it must actually be left over, not planned excess.

Sarah said...

Nadine, I feel like we may, perhaps, be psychically linked, LOL.

I've been looking at all the stores in my pantry and thinking that instead of floundering for breakfast/lunch/dinner ideas at the last minute, to just decide what I'm doing with everything now, do all the chopping and prepping and then have everything on hand and ready to go for the week ahead.

I guess it's true! Great minds really do think alike! :D

~drea said...

When are you going to cook me dinner? Wasn't this promised years ago? I'm dying to taste all that delicious food!

nadine said...

Michael, I think you're right. This is totally "planned excess."

Sarah, after working together for, um, forever, I think our brains have merged.

Andrea, I believe I promised you dinner when you were still in Korea. How horrible am I?! I suck at follow-through. Let's make a dinner-chez-moi date :)