Tuesday, February 17, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Puppets and TV Boyfriends

Remember when Coldplay first burst on the scene with a video of Chris Martin walking along a beach in the rain, singing about a color? Yeah. Well, now he's a puppet. And puppets make me happy.

Not that there's anything wrong with singing in the rain. You know how I feel about Gene Kelly.

And over in new-artist-of-the-month corner, meet Caitlin Crosby. She is cool for two very important reasons:

1. She went on tour with this guy. Anyone who's shared a merchandise table with William Fitzsimmons is a friend of mine.

2. She used to date Zachary Levi. I heart Chuck. And apparently they're still friends, as he costars in her video of adorableness. So does Jesse Spencer (oh, how you House fans must be salivating). And Robert Hoffman (Step Up 2: The Streets). And Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars). It's a TV party within a YouTube party.

Oh, and I want her hair. I guess that's a third reason. Sort of. I'm becoming one of those girls who plays with her hair way too much. I'm not flirting with you. Promise. I'm just distracted by this straggly mess on my head. It's time for a stylist's intervention. And bangs. Maybe.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh my! That video is fantastic. It propels my affection for all the guest stars to new heights. Thank you for sharing!

Yes, I did watch Step Up 2: The Streets.