Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tales From Orillia: Part 5 - Nostalgia

This is my final weekend-in-Orillia post. I think.

Kids, be careful what you make in elementary school art class. Your crafty creations may surface in your mother's decor almost two decades later.

My great-grandmother's candy dish. I'm pretty sure I ate most of the jelly beans. And then I went on a jelly-bean run just so I could eat some more.

Welcome to diet-detox week, Nadine. 

Nathan was missing from the steady stream of parties this weekend (I call a game of Scrabble in front of the TV a party, so don't get too excited). But his masterpiece reminded us that he was there in construction-paper spirit.

Study hard, little brother. And keep up the art thing. I think you've got a real natural ability.

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