Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tales From Orillia: Part 1

  • I met my brother's double-screened super-computer of awesomeness.
  • Blu-ray is ridiculous. And makes Heath Ledger even more brilliant.
  • I tried to play a computer game. I got lost. I was murdered. And then I blew myself up.
  • Joel introduced me to Jake and Amir (see below).
  • And I cheated at Scrabble. All upside-down tiles look like blanks. It's an innocent mistake.


Walking Church said...

These dudes would make a great Canadian Coalition government or an even more striking American Presidential ticket.

Karen said...

Yes! I love Jake and Amir. I've missed many of their videos in the past year--thanks for reminding me they are awesome!

Karen said...

Oh, and College Humor looks like a really fun place to work.