Friday, February 13, 2009

That Infamous Valentine's Shirt

I forget why I made this shirt. But it made me laugh. For a day or two. And then I demoted it to paint-the-bathroom wardrobe. Girlfriends told me to burn it at my bachelorette party. Guys told me to give it to my hypothetical fiance. And so it sits at the bottom of a drawer, ugly and discolored and purposeless. But I just can't throw it out. 

I like Valentine's. I really do. It's a little blip of hope and sugar in the darkest part of winter. And I have no problem spending the day alone.* I'm either super-well-adjusted or in a state of denial. I opt to believe the former.

What the world needs another T-shirt of greatness.

This gal has been saved by Love. So bring on the cinnamon hearts.

*This year, "alone" means 20+ members of my family. Love, love, love.

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