Saturday, February 28, 2009

Confessions of a Non-Teenage Drama Queen

Lazy Saturday

Confession: On weekends when I have no social engagements lined up that require me to look presentable, I channel my inner super-low-maintenance gal and end up dressing like the "before" women on What Not to Wear. Or like my brothers.

Exhibit A: Today, I was wearing old red sweatpants that are too short and too wide, paired with a ratty Nike tee that has a hole in the back. Nathan, thanks for your castaways. (And no, he didn't give me a T-shirt with a hole in it. I did that myself. Somehow.)

Exhibit B: When I needed to head out into the cold (at least there was sunshine), I swapped out the sweats for jeans and threw on an oversized hoodie once belonging to Joel. Because it's warm and awesome.

Homestar Runner
belongs in everyone's wardrobe.

No makeup, no hair-brushing (ponytails are wondrous things), no jewelry. Backpack instead of a purse. It's freeing, just letting go. But not every day. That would be depressing.

Tomorrow I will be pretty. And hang out with 3-to-5-year-olds at church. I'm sure they appreciate my eyeshadow and ensemble coordination.

Dance Like It's 1963

Doesn't actress Ashley Leggat* look so much like Baby?
We had a different Johnny. A better one.

Dirty Dancing was fantastic. It was the movie come to life, with the most adorably impressive Baby convincing me that I'm missing out by not spending time on the stage anymore. Oh, and Johnny Castle. All the girls swooned. Because he was channeling Patrick Swayze. Which is weird; I don't generally spend much time swooning over the actor. At all.

Awkward comment of the night: "Too bad Patrick Swayze's gonna die soon."

If you don't like the movie, you won't like the stage show. There were word-for-word, move-for-move nostalgic hugs on that stage. And they were counting on the audience being cult fans. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" received cheers and wild applause. I may have been part of such rowdiness.

The set design is what won me over. It was simple and effortless and still a little dazzling. And the costumes made me happy. I think I have new fashion muses. Yep, I'm going good girl circa 1963.

I want to dance.

*Ashely Leggat was in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Back when she was blond. So was Megan Fox (Transformers). And Alison Pill (Milk). It seems that Lindsay Lohan walks away from that one with the least promising career. Funny how life works.

Roll Up What Rim?

Caffeine-free update: It's my fourth day without a coffee or Diet Coke. And I have exhibited zero signs of withdrawal. I am super-relieved to know that my appreciation for said drinks is not linked to an addiction. Jitter- and headache-free.

I Am Woman

I've been both lazy and motivated in my writing life lately. I'm afraid I've mastered this uncomfortable balance. For those of you who want to cyber-stalk my writing elsewhere, I'm now a columnist over at

Check out my latest postings:
And thank you, dearest Dad, for coming up with my column's name: Pop Goes the Culture. I'll mention you in the acknowledgments of my first novel. And then I'll thank you at the Oscars. And when I'm super-rich, I'll buy you something ridiculously cool. Like a pottery wheel.

Shampoo in a Box

I received a box of shampoo in the mail this week. A box of bottles of shampoo, to be more specific. Because I'm such a trendsetter/icon in the blogosphere, I'm going to be testing the entire new Herbal Essences Hydralicious collection and giving my feedback. If you live near me and want free shampoo, I have coupons! Let's all have sexy hair, folks.

Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

You've probably seen this. It's everywhere. But I'm posting this in case you haven't. Best Conan interview ever. The greatest comedy is based in truth.

P.S. If you're ever asked to choose between Leno and Letterman, the correct answer is ALWAYS Conan. Even once Fallon enters the ring.


Beth said...

hurray for a new writing spot!!

i want amazing hair. i haven't been overly impressed with herbal essences - i need something that is smoothing (NOT volumizing) and moisturizing...if you are convinced by the quality of your box, let me know.

girlofmanycolors said...
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girlofmanycolors said...

cool blog! I think we all have days like that.