Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stand By Your Man

Okay, okay, I'll cave. (As in Batcave.) I'll chat about Mr. Bale.

But first, let's get a non-maniacal image in our heads, shall we?

This is the face of someone about to begin major damage control.

I heart Laurie.

Christian Bale swears a lot in a loud voice and everyone looks at me. As if it's shocking that I would spend so much quality time with such a volatile personality. Or as if I might crumble upon hearing the news of his non-warm-and-fuzziness. (This is where your mom explains the difference between being a fan and actually having a relationship with someone.)

My heart is not broken over Christian Bale's rant. I'm not going to suddenly boycott his movies or burn my VHS of Swing Kids (the horror). Honestly, I'm really not shocked by it. At all. News broke of this verbal assault when it happened LAST YEAR (around the same time as his infamous family blowup). And he has long had a bit of a perfectionist-on-the-verge-of-a-tantrum reputation. So much so that they called him Tandy on the set of Metroland. Yes, before he was Batman. Or even the American Psycho.

Yes, folks, I do my research.

ASIDE: It's beat-up-famous-people week. Now people are questioning whether Michael Phelps should compete in 2012. What?! I don't have crazy medical/marijuana knowledge, but I'm pretty sure that it leaves your system after four years. I think it's time America took its chill pills.

Jerry Maguire says we live in a cynical world. I believe him. But I recently realized that I'm also very generous with giving people the benefit of the doubt. And that my cynicism is often just me taking the easy way out. If I'm hurt, it's so easy to write someone off as a jerk, even though he/she had no cruel intentions whatsoever. It's a defense mechanism. So I don't have to deal with the me side of the equation.

Who am I to sit down and assess whether a stranger's behaviour is justified? The "journalism" covering this is ridiculous. Both sides.

I'm not going to defend Bale's moment of rage. But I'm not going to define him by it either. More than anything, I'm creeped out that the tape was leaked in the first place. Not cool.

Let's just remember that Bale and Kermit the Frog have much in common. That he was a Newsie. That he has the cutest daughter ever. That he's brilliant at his craft. And that he's JUST A MAN.

I'm on Team Bale. Because everyone needs someone on their team, even when they're in the wrong. Maybe especially when they're in the wrong.

P.S. I still love Mel Gibson post-drunken tirade. I forgive all.
P.P.S. If you want to be really scared of Bale, watch Harsh Times. I had to turn away.
P.P.P.S No, I'm not going to link to the rant. You can Google it if you can't stand being the one person on the planet who hasn't heard it. I recommend listening to a remix of it. Or the one with Bill O'Reilly. But not if you're under 14. Kids, just say no to profanity. Keep those ears lovely.


~drea said...

I agree with you 100%, because I don't really believe you can agree or do anything more than 100%, that's just math I don't understand.

It's SO easy for today's society to sit and judge people out of context, I don't support his behaviour, but I also know everyone has a breaking point. People should not be judged by one action. Where's the charity? Where's the benefit of the doubt? People need to get off their high horses.

In regards to Phelps, don't you find it odd, that we praise, and GIVE LOTS OF MONEY, to guys like Judd Apatow for making stoner films? Yet, Phelps, a dude just chilling out gets torched for just smoking a bong and having a good time? It's absolutely ludicrous, these entertainment shows reporting on it, yet they praise films about it no problem.

I think people need to take a step back, and give themselves a reality check. WE ARE NOT PERFECT, and we should not expect others (even if they are in the public eye) to be perfect either.

Thus ends my tirade.

Beth said...

i agree that this whole phelps thing is ridiculous, and that holding famous people to an unrealistic standard is, well, unrealistic. please don't ever burn your VHS of Swing Kids. (Ha - i have it on DVD!)

i didn't realize i wasn't the only one asking your opinion - and i hope you didn't think i assumed you'd be devastated. i just knew you'd have some good thoughts and insights, and you (of course) proved me right :) as always, i appreciate your thoughts.

nadine said...

Follow up: His apology was amazing. Meaning actual humility.

Don't worry, Beth. Swing Kids is safe. And I didn't assume you thought I was devastated :) There are better things to be devastated about. Not that I am.

I guess my Bale love has been public for long enough now that people from all walks of my life are aware of it. I don't mind. Better than being associated with, uh, Hulk Hogan's kids.

Anonymous said...

I'll start looking for the chill pills imported from Canada. And when I find them I'll take one, for humanity, for all the United Statesians.

PS. They don't happen to be called "Smarties", do they?

-Steph W

mike said...

did you see the Seth on SNL re phelps