Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, I've made my predictions, I've pondered the "Will Zac Efron really be singing and dancing at the Oscars?" rumors and I've spent way too much time staring at potential gowns for tomorrow night's show.

I think a brilliant way to shake up the Oscars would be to require actors to show up in character. That way the costumes get more use (and the designers get the acknowledgment they deserve), and no one has to run around trying to find the most spectacularly gorgeous gown they'll ever wear, accompanied by a fanatic weight-loss routine of colonics and fasting.

If I ever get my chance to walk that red carpet, I'm going to be pretty picky. I can tell. Very few of the gowns I've been staring at inspire me all that much. I'd probably end up approaching a designer with this photo, begging for a re-creation of the genius of yesteryear:

But I don't look all that wonderful in white. Nor do I want to look like a bride. So I'd have to add color. With a photo like this:

And then the designer would work his/her magic, take into account current trends and my obsession with asymmetrical one-shouldered design. And then I'd be sent this:

And I would probably be happy. As long as I don't have to wear my hair all slicked to the side and one-half-of-Princess-Leia-ish.

See, my favorite red-carpet looks in the past decade have all involved short hair. So I would probably have to chop off my hair to feel like a real movie star. Weird, huh?

Charlize, Claire, Hilary and Chloe.
(Click on photo for larger image. I heart Claire's hair.)

I want Hilary's gown. It's the color of Nadine. I don't care that it's been worn before. I'm not that much of a snob.

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Walking Church said...

I had to tell Alica Keys not to fall in love with me!!!