Thursday, October 02, 2008

"What the world needs now... blog, sweet blog."

Okay, so my blogging has been a little sporadic and random as of late. But I'm not sure how to catch up (or if I should even try). Life is busy and good and sometimes a little overwhelming. The end. Actually, no. Not the end. That would be sad.

So I'll just continue with the randomness. But a little more personal and less Paul Newman-y. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


I watched tonight's debate while doing Pilates on my living-room floor. I figured that this would guarantee that the time invested would be worthwhile. Even if the platforms aren't solid, my abs will be. Ha.

And no, I didn't flip to Palin. I figure the highlights will be all over YouTube in the morning. By "highlights," I mean "hilarity."


Apparently, despite 25 years of sleeping experience, I still don't know how to successfully get some comfortable shuteye. I woke up with an almost crippling neck pain today. I think I pulled a muscle in my sleep. Is this possible?

I need a roommate. One who happens to be a masseuse.


I have a stack of old journals sitting on my must-be-in-love-to-squeeze-onto-it couch (it's super-tiny). I often quote them here. Because my younger self fascinates me.

There are a few things quite hilarious/tragic/telling in them:
  • Certain events inspire journaling. So all entries are tied thematically. In fact, if you didn't notice that entries are often months apart, you'd think that I spend all day, every day, feeling the same thing, obsessing about the same situation. Or one of three recurring situations.
  • I am loyal. Ridiculously so. It appears that one crush lasted three years. Probably not healthy. But I was young. And it kept me out of trouble.
  • I apologize in them. As if my entries are actually being written to someone. There are disclaimers, justifications, excuses and such.
  • Melodrama, folks. I could adapt them into a teen series for the WB network.
  • I had opinions about sex when I was 11. Yes, 11.
  • Eventually, journal entries turned into prayers. Or at least conversation with God. But it would take six pages of babbling before I let myself recognize that He's reading.
  • I wish I could talk to my 16-year-old self. I would tell her she's beautiful. I don't know if she'd listen.
  • Some childhood dreams were not left behind with childhood.
  • I didn't always tell the whole truth. Some things I just couldn't let myself put on paper. Because then they'd be true. Or I'd be held accountable to my words.

My Apologies

On Tuesday night, I apologized for not being a smoker and for not being a lesbian. Which is perhaps better than the time I walked by the homeless man and said, "Thank you."


I've never had lucky socks. Or lucky underwear. Or a rabbit's foot hanging off my backpack. But I think I have a lucky shirt. Actually, it may be a little early to dub it as such, as I've only worn it three times. But those three times resulted in three fabulous evenings. Two involving music. All involving fantastic people (of varying degrees of fantasticness). Maybe it's not the shirt that's wonderful, but the fact that I wasn't spending my evening in front of a computer screen. Hmm. Tough call. But I'm not sure if I want to risk ruining my little happy streak by doing a grocery run on a rainy Saturday morning in it, you know? Unless that grocery store is a really sensational one. And grapes are on sale.

(As an awkward aside, I kind of love "Lucy Got Lucky." Guilty pleasure. Maybe because I went school with the girl who plays Lucy in the video. Or maybe because "So another Molly Ringwald, well, she finds her Judd" makes me smile.)


Walking Church said...

I made the mistake praying 'how lucky' we were at a prayer meeting; I was quickly, but nicely rebuked, by a grand Saint (Emmy of Aylmer fame).

She indicated that we are NOT luck but BLESSED.

You know - she is absolutely right.

I pass this insight gently onto you.

Duke of Spook said...

My man Matt Farris is in that music video. I think he's "Lucky".

michael lewis said...

Although my Mac dictionary defines a masseuse as a female masseur, or one who provides massages professionally, I do believe that the term or phrase you may have intended to use is registered massage therapist.

Masseuse / masseur sounds more like something one would easily find in off-Strip Las Vegas.

nadine said...

Yes, you're probably right, Michael.

Although yesterday I would have been happy with anyone capable of kneading my neck pain into oblivion, qualified/registered/sketchy or not.

Beth said...

i was going to say the same thing as michael. also, i think it is funny that you KNOW when you were lying in your journal. i do the same thing - i read what i wrote at fifteen and think, "ha, what REALLY happened was this...." but i'm the only one who has that info. if all that's left behind is my journal, no one would know...makes me think twice about Anne Frank...