Friday, October 31, 2008

How to Seduce Women

Yes, that will work.


Walking Church said...

What really turns me on is women who smoke and wear a cloud of heavy masking cheap perfume!!! I love that deep husky smoker's throat and cough as know...deep and low tone..."hey thar doll!"

Any old how - I am still giggling at your joke you posted a while ago...why do girls wear make-up and perfume? Guys seem to laugh uncontrollably..while the Gals...ah..sadly not so much!!!

Sarah said...

Ha, ha, ha! Ah, the '60s ('70s?). I wonder if this ever actually worked on ANYONE.

Beth said...

ooh, that is so JUST WHAT I WANT.

actually no. recently, some friends (cough - housemates - cough) decided that smoking isn't just deadly, it's cool...and i say, "whaaaaaat!?" and anyway, i can't blog about it because he/they read my blog, but he/they might also read yours and may now know at least one of my thoughts on smoking*:

it will never make me think someone is sexy.

*cigarettes & cigars, that is. pipes are a different story. why? i don't know. they're cerebral. academic. cs lewis had a pipe.

nadine said...

It's from the '60s, Sarah. Very Mad Men, no?

Smoking is not sexy, men. Sorry. And yet I also understand why it almost is. I mean, apart from the cancer and stench.

But I'm sure there's a way to exude manliness without blowing smoke.

Oddly, I know a lot of non-smoking men who smoke cigars on occasion. Perhaps they aspire to Rat Pack coolness. I think I prefer cigars over pipes, though.

Although Sherlock Holmes was pretty fantastic. And fictional. As was Gandolf.

I didn't know I had any thoughts on smoking. Apparently I do.