Monday, October 20, 2008

OnHerToes on Problogger!

It's no secret that Problogger is my favorite blog about blogging. I own the book. I talk about Darren like he's my mentor. I send people links from the job board.

Yeah, I'm obsessed.

And if you head over to this post (Why Do We Blog?), and you scroll down quite a bit, you shall see this:

And it's true. Sometimes I forget to live in the moment and I miss what's going on around me. Forcing myself to write about life reminds me that I actually have one. And by intentionally looking at life as an adventure, it sort of becomes one.

Sometimes the adventure is obvious. As of this week, I work 4-day workweeks at my subtitling job so I can further pursue my freelance-writing career. Scary and exciting times, friends....

Party at my computer every Friday morning.


John said...

Just thought you'd like to know that I found your blog because of your post on Darren's thread, and I've worked this far back in the RSS feed so I must be enjoying it. :)



PS My CAPTCHA word to post this is "therishi." therishi dot com is a website, apparently, but I'll be damned if it is otherwise a "word."

nadine said...

Hi, John! Glad you like the blog :)

Yeah, "therishi" is sooo not a word. Unless it's "the rishi." And "rishi," according to Wikipedia is "a Vedic poet by whom Vedic hymns were composed." Yes.

Wikipedia is amazing. It's even better when it's wrong.

Thanks for commenting!