Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meeting Don Draper

My signature dish just came out of the oven. So my little apartment is filled with the perfect aroma of artichoke chicken. I think I need to host a dinner party. Preferably one with an early '60s theme.

I'm usually on top of all things critically acclaimed (in the TV world, anyway). But somehow I missed the initial Mad Men bandwagon. So I'm desperately scampering to catch up.

Last night's SNL won me over. I am officially charmed by Don Draper. See below and you shall understand. Unless you're under 14. Then please go outside and play.

I was watching episodes online this afternoon between invoicing a wedding-etiquette article and figuring out my writing rates when I came to a shocking realization. Remember my slightly insane non-adventure with an actor this summer (the coffee date that resulted in an awkward de-friending/Facebook BLOCKING)? Well, said actor was about the same age as Jon Hamm. I'm not sure how to process this information. Because there's something very "older man" about Hamm. If you told me he was dating a 25-year-old, I'd roll my eyes and dramatically fake-vomit.

I know age is just a number. But a worldly 12-year gap seems a little much. Still, I suppose it's a fun little moment in the history of me. Because I don't get to drop jaws very often.

(And please tell me you saw the Jon Hamm's "John Ham" sketch: "Don't find yourself on the toilet craving high-quality ham slices...." I may have laughed out loud. Yes, the Boy Behind the Wall probably thinks I'm insane.)

Costume party, anyone? Time to make smoking trendy again, folks....


Sarah said...

Wait, he blocked you on facebook? I thought he just defriended you!

nadine said...

So did I. And then I noticed that he disappeared from Facebook, which made me feel uber-guilty for dashing his dreams and breaking his heart. But a friend searched for him and reassured me that he's still there, just invisible to me.

Sheesh. The charming actor quickly became a 15-year-old boy.