Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Costume Inspiration of the Day: Robin Sparkles

A fictional Canadian '80s pop princess? BRILLIANCE.

Really, would you expect anything less from a show that stars the king of awesomeness himself, Neil Patrick Harris? I didn't think so.

Speaking of NPH....

This song has been in my head all afternoon. A rather spectacular friend called me her hero. And to this I say, "Everyone's a hero in their own way."

("Especially that guy, he smells like poo")


Beth said...

oh NPH. oh canada. oh 80s. (have you seen my profile pic on facebook? lookout halloween party at the naval base!!)

nadine said...

Your profile picture makes me happy.

I think I'm fascinated by the '80s because I was too young to really appreciate the decade.

Instead of "Let's Go to the Mall," my song would have been "Let's Go to Kindergarten."

Beth said...

ah! i discovered this while costume-hunting. everything i think of as "80s" is actually "early 90s." but i figure, everyone else is kind of fuzzy on it too...so i'll be fine!