Friday, October 03, 2008

Sound Bytes and Twitter

1. The other night, I had a strange little unbloggable conversation. It was completely made up of sound bytes. Unintentionally. But if I were to transcribe it, it would read as a slick movie script. Almost unbelievable. You'd shake your head with cynicism, claiming that real people don't speak that way. But they do. Unless I'm not real. Which is a very real possibility.

2. I am now on Twitter. Follow me.

3. A Flight of the Conchords song keeps looping in my head. And it's not "Albi the Racist Dragon." Although I wish it was.


Darren said...

It's Business Time, isn't it?

nadine said...

Haha. Actually, it was "A Kiss Is Not a Contract" at first. And then it turned into "Business Time."

I love those men. Lyrical appropriateness or not :)

Beth said...

not gonna lie, i love being "behind the blog," if you know what i mean.

nadine said...

I love that you're "behind the blog," Beth. It makes elusiveness more fun :)