Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Almost Political

Okay, so I'm not American.
I think Tina Fey should run for office.
And I would probably vote for Pedro.

But because I've been writing about weddings for the last three hours, I'm not really inspired to think up an earth-shattering blog post. So I'll cheat and post the YouTube video that some of my favorite 9-to-5ers introduced me to today.

(The Wes Anderson clip is brilliant. If you love Wes. And I do.)

There was another video making the rounds. Starring a crazy lady who likes McCain's faith in God but not Obama's. But she scares me. I won't share my blog with her.


Beth said...

i didn't get it. any of it. is it because i am missing exposure to some obvious american media/tv/movies?

sigh. i'm still so sheltered and canadian.

nadine said...

Yeah, if you're not familiar with the directors being spoofed, none of that would make sense. At all.