Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Gender I'm Not

Church continues to rock my little world. In fact today's sermon influenced my internal dialogue when I was hit on by yet another man at the subway station. It's official: I'm irresistible to men who take public transit.

HIM: You are so beautiful.

ME: [in my head] I bet you think monogamy is something furniture is made of.

And then I smiled. To myself. And he probably thought I was basking in his wonderful compliment. Seriously, gentlemen, "beautiful" is a powerful word. But it has to come from the right guy. Preferably someone who knows my name. And who doesn't scare me.

(For those of you who sermon-stalk, today was Sermon #3 in the "His & Hers" series. It was not G-rated. Which I highly appreciated. Because I'm not 12.)

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Vera said...

Love it, Nadine! You tell 'em... and I'll look up the sermon. Sounds interesting.
Thanks for puttin' a smile on my face when I was having difficulty putting one there by myself.