Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Spilling Secrets

You're probably wondering, "Hmm. What are seven things I don't know about Nadine?"

Fortunately for you, I was tagged.

I think I'm too open-book. I'm having a hard time coming up with things you don't know that you don't not know because I don't want you to know. You know?


I've probably written close to 50 songs in my lifetime. Maybe more. You will probably never hear any of them. My favorite place to write was the dark soundproof music room in the basement of my university dorm. At midnight.

I wrote a rap once. A preppy rap. It can also be sung to the tune of the verse of Britney Spears' "Crazy." This was intentional. Unfortunately, for various reasons, it was never performed.

Yo, I'm hip with it and I'm far from frumpy
My perm grew out and my mascara's not clumpy
I walk to school on the driver's day off
I dance the dance, I talk the talk
I don't give a beep if I break a nail
My duds are the kind you won't find on sale
If it doesn't say Gap, it's not on my bod
'Cause I'm from the country club and Gap is God

I miss my perm.

I also now shop at the Gap. Because my perm grew out, I suppose.

I refused to put posters of heartthrobs on my wall when I was a teenager. This wasn't because I was particularly more mature than my peers; I was exercising caution in case Freddie Prinze Jr. stopped by. I didn't want to creep him out.

It's common knowledge that I don't have a license. What most don't know is that I don't know how to drive. At all. It's not just a lack of license, it's a lack of knowledge/skill. Perhaps my failure at "Mario Kart" has influenced my vehicular disinterest. (I was once called, quite eloquently, "the worst video-game player in the history of the world.") I've never ridden a riding lawn mower either. In case you were wondering.

And oddly enough, because I can't drive, I'm the most peaceful and trusting passenger ever.

I was offered beer when I was 5 years old. I was so appalled at the stupidity of the adult that I still don't drink it. Maybe I'll have a pint in Dublin one day. With Bono.

Every morning, I drink a "greens" drink that's absolutely disgusting. But it's good for my bones. So I do it. There's a slightly longer story here. But that's for a separate entry, not a list. Oh, and I love the taste of All Bran.

I want to live in a trailer park. Actually, I want to own a trailer park. And make it cool. It would be a condo alternative for my generation. And I'd build a mini-golf course that doubles as a night club: The Golf Club. With crazy lighting and local bands playing. Maybe I'll serve mar-tee-nis. And you'll all want your own trailers. Trust me. And I'll be living the life in my double-wide with plantation shutters and hardwood floors. Writing my novel about twenty-somethings who live in a trailer park.

I tag everyone who reads this. Seriously. You're it.


Sarah said...

Here's the trick I use for drinking my "greens": mix it with OJ, not water! Dave thinks it's grosser since it makes green orange juice, but you get used to the colour and the taste is much more bearable :)

PS - You like the taste of All Bran? Weirdo! O_o (Kidding!)

nadine said...

I actually did that once. You're so right, it makes it very drinkable. But when I did it, I was using a berry-flavored "greens" drink. Now I'm using a vanilla one. Vanilla and orange? Hmm.

Walking Church said...

1) Did this apple fall between the two trees or closer to your Dad's?
- should I be scared?
giggling, seriously - I'm glad you do not run with the lemmings - that is just plain dangerous.

Beth said...

vanilla + orange = creamsicle!