Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Linktastic: Young Hollywood Edition

Chuck Nostalgia

Did you watch Chuck last night? If you were following me on Twitter (which you should seriously consider doing), you would know that I was essentially squealing out of nostalgic bliss. Ben Savage! "MmmBop"! Dawson's Creek theme song! The '90s references just made me happy. In the same way that George Michael's "Faith" made me start dancing in my room as I was getting ready for work yesterday.

I suppose I engaged more fully in the pop culture of my day than I realized. Why do I know Backstreet Boy lyrics? Oh, I remember. Because in order to transition from public school to paying the rent, I had to first be a teenager.

I'm 25. Sometimes going on 65. And still....


I will watch High School Musical 3. And I will only be slightly apologetic about it. I will follow up the viewing with a glass of wine, some classical music and a French novel. To prove to myself that I'm not 15.

Jonas Brothers

I love this video. Because I might actually be 15 after all. "Modesty is just so hard to find...." Seriously. Where were these boys when I was in high school? (Don't answer "preschool.") A cute boy I was obsessed with accused me of being Amish once. And it sort of devastated me. For, like, five minutes. Better "Amish" than "skank," I suppose.

(Waltzing) Matilda

And while I'm indulging in the obsessions of youth, I might as well go all the way. I want Matilda Ledger's wardrobe. You heard me. I want to dress like a toddler. (I also love Michelle Williams' style. So it evens things out. A bit.)

The Youngest of Them All

Gillian Anderson had a baby. She named him Felix. I like the name Felix. I approve. BUT she also has a toddler. Named Oscar.

Oscar and Felix? Seriously? Does she think that none of us have seen The Odd Couple?

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Sarah said...

I am loving Michelle Williams' jacket!