Monday, November 17, 2008

A Tale of Two Andrews

Andrew Shue and Andrew Keegan are the same person, separated by one generation in the world of heartthrobs.
  • They are both Andrew.
  • They both have that hair.
  • They both exude that vacant-behind-the-eyes broodiness that only blond costars love.
  • They both subscribe to the school of cardboard acting. (I was going to call it "wooden," but that's not fair to Keanu, master of such stiffness.)
It all comes down to Melrose Place vs. 7th Heaven.

To be fair, Shue went on to play soccer professionally. Very cool.
And Keegan modeled socks in 10 Things I Hate About You: "So I've got the Sears catalog thing going. And the tube sock gig. That is gonna be huge."

Too close to call, folks. I love to hate 'em both.


Sarah said...

Geez, for a second there I really thought you had put up two pictures of the same person. You're right! They were separated at birth, lol!

michael lewis said...

Now I understand your tweets.

Thanking the Powers that you "hate 'em both".