Friday, November 14, 2008

I knew I was tired...

...but not THAT tired.

I should have suspected that I was suffering from some sort of severe exhaustion yesterday when...
  • I didn't feel the effects of six caffeinated beverages.
  • I went to the grocery store to buy eggs and grapes. My fridge was already stocked with eggs and grapes.
  • My brain cycled through highly unusual and insanely ridiculous thoughts. ("I hope it's not a date. Why do I assume it is? I'm way too charming. I should look into an arranged marriage....")
  • I couldn't focus on anything. At all.
  • I ate my way through an entire bag of chocolate macaroons without noticing. Until I felt nauseous.
  • I took three hours to write the equivalent of a half hour's work.
I woke up this morning to discover that my light was still on. I passed out at some point during my getting-ready-for-bed routine last night. And didn't move for eight hours.

Today was better. Less caffeine, more productivity. I made $68 more writing at home than I would have had I showed up at the office. And I squeezed in three loads of laundry between projects. (I try to avoid the domestic multitasking when working from home, but I couldn't resist.)

It's raining. I'm not at tonight's Sam Roberts show. (All three shows this weekend are sold out. Not impressed.) But Don Draper made me smile, my sheets are clean, and I have no early morning plans tomorrow. Sleep is so good. I think I should embrace it more often.

And so I shall. Starting...uh, soon.

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