Friday, November 28, 2008

Table for One

When you live alone, you end up eating strange combinations of food. Mostly because no one expects your meals to look appetizing. Or to make sense. This usually suits me just fine, but sometimes being the sole consumer of refrigerator contents becomes a burden. Especially when I impulse-shop at the grocery store and end up with enough produce to feed a family of 8. A family of 8 that really loves vegetables. 

So after a week of edible-plant-stuffed whole-wheat pitas (accessorized with alfalfa sprouts), I was at a loss as to how I was going to eat the rest of my perishables before their short lives came to an end. I do not let food go bad. That's my rule for living.

Folks, I should have my own cooking show. Tonight, I sauteed mushrooms with broccoli sprouts, wilted some arugula, then poured two beaten eggs (seasoned with chili powder and black pepper) over the greens. I grated some old cheddar, blessed my veggie concoction with cheesy goodness, and ate like a queen.

So good. Ugly, but good.

And the vegetation-overload situation is now under control. I won't have to eat arugula for breakfast out of about-to-wilt guilt.

*I don't particularly like the peppery bitterness of arugula. Or the texture of broccoli sprouts. But they're healthy. And apparently much more appetizing when cooked and covered in full-fat dairy products. 

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