Saturday, November 08, 2008

Late-Night Trivial Pursuit Insanity

If you were at my parents' place last night, you may have heard the following:

-I'm going to vomit out of my eyeballs.
-I'd like to see that.

-What do you call a group of kittens?

"Barbara Hutton and the 21st Amendment should be a movie."

"If five people sign a piece of paper, the largest signature must belong to a blind man."

"Pretend to sit like a normal person."

"I want my hair to be reasonable."

"Three little kittens, they lost their mittens
Eating their curds and whey
Worst poem ever."

Oh, and if Joel were to write a sample blog post on OnHerToes, this is what it would say:

"Did you hear about the thing with the thing? Yeah, me neither."



Silas said...

does your family play things in a box or something like that?! that would be pretty fun

Walking Church said...

Sounds 'normal' to me - a few single moms or dads might be envious!

Parents...enjoy em while you have em
Kids....enjoy em while you have em
Siblings...enjoy em while your with em...and it okay to give them a black eye followed by a hug and apologies!!!

giggling in Belmont

nadine said...

Silas, I've been prepping my family for Thing in a Box for a while now. I think we'll try it over the holidays when there are a few more people around. I already know that it's going to get ridiculously out of hand. Which is the point, I think :)

Sarah said...

Nadine, I too would like to see you vomit out of your eyeballs :D Ready? Go!

nadine said...

Haha. I'm afraid it was my mother who wanted to see my brother vomit out of his eyeballs. Which made it funnier.

But if I could, I would. Just for you, Sarah.

Beth said...

this only confirms my deep-seated desire to either be adopted in or to marry into your family.

nadine said...

Beth, maybe we should start with a trial adoption. See if you can handle it before you make a life-long commitment :)

Beth said...

ooh, i could be like a foster kid. only grown up.