Saturday, November 22, 2008

Annand Christmas [Pt. 1]

Me: I only blog the good things about our family. I don't write about the times Joel threatens to kill me.
Joel: And how often is that?
Me: All the time.
I was temporarily concerned today about the way I represent my family on this blog. We're by no means perfect. Or consistently hilarious. So, just for the record, we do occasionally throw things at each other. And pick each other up by the elbows. And sing songs we don't know the lyrics for. And berate each other for not being quite gluttonous enough. And lose toy guns. And cheat at basketball. And pout over the absence of Christmas carols. And serve peanut butter in no-peanut zones. And try to re-create photos taken 25 years ago. And talk loudly in layers of unfollowable conversation.

And sometimes we try to style hair.


Yes, that is a ball of tissue paper he's holding. Let the war begin.

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