Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Would Walk 500 Miles

I walked home from work today. After three years at the same office (conveniently located at the corner of pizza and crack), I had not once made the 10.4 km trek home on foot. And this little fact was starting to disturb me.

When I left work this afternoon, I knew today was my chance. It was mild. It was still quasi-daylight. And I was wearing practical shoes.

So I set out. And walked the ugly route. Past the flirtatious homeless men, the drug-dealers mid-deal, the mangy dogs. But even in the bleakness, there were little pockets of children playing, friends laughing, caf├ęs buzzing with activity. I felt like part of my city, both the observer and the insider.

It was refreshing, head-clearing and invigorating. I plowed into a massive tuna salad and started mapping out a productive evening upon returning home. And then things came crashing down.

The hot-water tank burst in the basement. And because of the leaky situation, even the cold water must remain off until mid-morning tomorrow. I happen to leave for work well before mid-morning.

I have no water. None. Apparently I can use the laundry tub in the basement to collect some cold water, as it has a direct hookup. But that's it.

It's odd how paralyzing the lack of tap action can be. I actually don't know what to do with myself. Nor do I have an early-morning strategy. Other than discomfort.

Note to self: Do not go for a long power-walk across a smog-filled city if there is no possibility of a shower in the near future. Oh, and be psychic.

Off to fetch a pail of water....


Beth said...

i am an expert in bucket bathing. i once bathed out of a bucket for TWO WEEKS while living in a tent in a sub-tropic rainforest and spending my days largely doing construction-like tasks. i also had over ONE HUNDRED mosquito bites on my body.

that said, i didn't have to go into an office the next day where everyone else showered with hot water...

Sarah said...

Oh, man, Nadine! My vote is to call in "waterless at work." Or just go in for the half day after you've had the chance to shower. Or make today your usual Friday day and then just go in tomorrow.

Good luck!

nadine said...

Well, it's 7:30 and I'm already at work. 'Cause I have a plan....

I woke up super-early and washed my hair in the basement laundry tub. Yes, the water was painfully cold. I then embraced the bucket-bathing (Seriously, I'm now a little old lady who sponge-bathes?!), and washed my face and brushed my teeth with the cold water I carried up from the basement.

My apartment is an indoor campground.

And now I will work on my file as fast as I can so I can catch the early bus to Orillia and shower at my folks' place. And then, since I'll already be in their bathroom, I'll spend the weekend with family :)

(Okay, so the Orillia weekend was already planned. I'm not just using them for their water.)

Silas said...

solution: wet naps. they're awesome!!