Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nadine of Avonlea

There was a Road to Avonlea Christmas special on TV tonight. I didn't watch it. I did, however, experience a strange almost deja-vu familiarity in the few minutes I did catch before opting, instead, to spend an evening away from screens.

(Of course, sleep did not come, so here I am, typing away....)

Once upon a time, my Sunday evenings were dedicated to The Wonderful World of Disney and Road to Avonlea. But there's an even stronger bond than mere rerun nostalgia. And the more I think about it, the more I'm aware of how closely tied I am to Canadian television at its best.

Who needs Kevin Bacon and his Six Degrees of Separation? I'm, like, one and two degrees away from EVERYONE on this show.

White Sands Hotel

First of all, when I was 10, I saw the White Sands Hotel. In person. If hotels can be people. It was from a distance. And while I actually toured Green Gables, there was something quite magical about seeing the hotel (called Dalvay by the Sea in the real world), slightly inaccessible and completely gorgeous. I made a mental note to enter its doors one day. If anyone wants to road-trip it out east, let me know.

Aunt Olivia

My dad went to the Sadie Hawkins Dance with her in high school. I'm glad she didn't end up being my mom. Weird thought of the day.

Aunt Janet

My friend partied with her only mere months ago. I kid you not. She still rocks the Canadian stage. And mingles with brilliant young art directors whom I happen to adore.

Felix King

Another friend is good friends with him. Yes, we've sipped coffee and discussed Felix King ad nauseam. Just because.

Sara Stanley

I met Sarah Polley. Actually, I wrote her interview for the TV show Distinguished Artists. She is super-talented and tiny. And likes zombie movies. And is deserving of far greater interviews.

Gus Pike

The best feedback from a prof I've ever received was a stern warning to never date the actor who played Gus Pike. I believe the term "ladykiller" was used. She didn't want me to be one of his disposable girlfriends.

For the record, there was no actual opportunity to date said playboy. Her warning was just the most hilarious aside in an email critiquing a scene I wrote for playwriting class. Clearly, she was not a fan. Of him. She adored me. Naturally.

(He's also 19 years older than me. Shocking, I know. Gus is now 44.)

Anne Shirley

Okay, so Megan Follows wasn't on Avonlea per se, but she got the ball rolling with Anne. Did you see her on The Border a couple weeks ago? She's still brilliant and beautiful. I still don't know how I feel about the show (The Border, not Avonlea. Just to clarify), seeing as I once used the bathroom of one of the show's lead actors. Weirdness. I mean, how can I be all swoony over his rugged rogue-copness after drinking juice on his couch?

(Also, who needs Gus Pike when there's Gilbert Blythe?)

Ryan Gosling

I saved the best for last. Yes, he starred in one episode. And was even nominated for some best-child's-performance award for it. We were meant to be, I tell you. Road to Avonlea AND Breaker High? No wonder he ended up an Oscar contender.

(He's on the far left.)

PEI is underrated. Let's go, folks.


Beth said...

this is ridiculous. all of it. especially the fact that i want to comment on EVERY SINGLE POST you made this weekend...i'm so jealous of your nearness to fame.

~drea said...


nadine said...

Andrea, I suppose you were able to identify yourself in the above ramblings? :)

Being a Canadian is fun.