Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Weekend [Out of Context]

I'll expand later. Maybe.
  • I want to spend a summer at the Artists' Colony in Banff. Or just head west for the Stampede. I'm a repressed cowgirl.
  • I need to meet the newest member of the theatre company that does not yet exist.
  • If I had to be stuck on a supernatural island with someone, I would pick Desmond. Everyone else would pick Sayid.
  • Chilean wine does not make your hands turn blue. Unwashed denim does.
  • Inviting a stranger you meet on the street to come to a birthday dinner is brilliant.
  • Even more brilliant? She shows up and becomes a friend.
  • I have an unbelievably fast karate chop. 71 km/hr.
  • Hugh Jackman is a better person than I am.
  • I like kids. Even kids who scream in dark tunnels.
  • According to science, flirting calms me down.
  • Islands do move.
  • My childhood was not like 7th Heaven. The cops found weapons in my house.
  • I think I have plans for March 2010. In Adelaide, Australia.
  • I need more road trips in my life. Step one: Make friends with awesome person with car. Check.
  • 2009 is the year of my first 5k. Promise.


Beth said...

i want to know the story behind every single one of these. specifically the karate chop and why you aren't going to be HERE in february of 2010...

mike said...

They were not my weapons