Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ninja Santa

I stayed up until 2 last night, talking about awkward weddings and the political and social implications of burkas. And about the day my brother apparently died after being thrown from a vehicle. When really, he was at home napping. I guess you had to be there.

This is my parents' Christmas tree. Pay close attention to the ornament just below the star.

Meet Ninja Santa. He is an institution in our family. Joel made him in the fourth grade. I believe he was initially supposed look like the traditional Father Christmas. But ninjas are cooler. Everyone knows this. Therefore, he takes a more prominent position on the tree every year. The year he fails to make it into the decor will be the saddest Christmas ever.


Beth said...

that is by far the ugliest ornament of all times. santa is not suppposed to be scary. sorry, joel.

mike said...

but ninji sanata is unique... there is no one else like ninji santa!

nadine said...

One person's ugly is another person's treasure :)