Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vegetable Car

image via *karo*

She drives a vegetable car
Diesel, Mercedes, green, two-door
I barely know who you are
Lisa Loeb glasses
I'd sure like you ask you to stay

Joshua Radin makes me smile. He's the perfect complement to William Fitzsimmons and his divorce ballads. Because Josh is optimistic and upbeat and seemingly unscathed as he navigates the whole heart-on-sleeve, brain-preoccupied adventure of encountering the opposite sex. Even his break-up songs are lovely and nontraumatizing. He confirms my suspicions that men do, in fact, think about girls. On more than just a Tarzan level. I know you're not as simple and clueless as you pretend to be.

Oh, and he likes girls with glasses. As all the great ones do.

Joshua Radin and William Fitzsimmons. Together. I want to go to there.

(William is the common denominator between most of my favorite artists. That man tours like nobody's business.)

Aside: I've been in a remarkably good mood this week. And I've decided to remain this way. A late-night bus conversation/iPod party with Grace yesterday reaffirmed that I'm weary of matching my moods to those of my melancholy friends. Sorry if your lives suck*, folks, but I can't commiserate anymore.

*Your lives don't suck. So smile, won't ya?

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