Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Motion City Soundtrack

This has been the summer of live-music bingeing and iPod dependency. For the past few weeks, Motion City Soundtrack has been slowly making its way into the "I heart" category.

Their MySpace bio won me over. I officially heart them.
Motion City Soundtrack, the most influential rock band in the history of the world, has been destroying the hopes and dreams of small children everywhere since 1997. This quintet of ex-Sears catalog hand models reside for the most part in Minneapolis, Minnesota; where it is always a pleasant 78 degrees and sunny. Errol Bumpstead, an 8 year old student at Wildwood Elementary school in Mahtomedi describes Motion City Soundtrack as, pretty good if you like that stuff. Justin Pierre, Josh Cain, Matt Taylor, Tony Thaxton, and Jesse Johnson comprise this feat of musical excellence. You, the reader of this brilliant paragraph of writing, formulated by a state college-paid education, can find out more about this academy award winning band as well as astrophysics and the whig party by visiting their website: www.motioncitysoundtrack.com. Enjoy yourself. - Nixon Fappleby

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