Friday, July 17, 2009

Lang vs. Keaggy

I love this for 3546.45 reasons. Here are of 3 of those reasons:
  1. Jonny Lang + guitar = the way things are supposed to be
  2. Phil Keaggy + guitar = legendary
  3. "When Love Comes to Town" = U2 at their finest
I should crash GMA Music Week sometime. 

P.S. Some Johnny Lang guitar solos for you. I'm a bluesy mood this afternoon.


michael lewis said...

Why have I never heard of this Johnny Lang before???

As well, I saw Phil Keaggy in Calgary about 10 years ago (wow! that long??). He was playing in a *church*, which was actually a quonset which became a curling rink, and then was converted to a church. Euphoric.

nadine said...

I don't know why you've never heard of him:) He's AMAZING. And for someone in his 20s, he's been around for over a DECADE. Prodigy.

I'd love to hear Keaggy live. And Lang.

Jazz festival tomorrow. I'm addicted to music.