Friday, July 24, 2009

History, Fashion, Geography & Chuck

Rock On [ROM Edition]

I went to the ROM today with my parents to check out the Dead Sea Scrolls. If you like reading and learning and trying to wrap your head around history, I highly recommend it. I am perpetually humbled by how little I know about...everything.

Most surprising, though, was that my favorite exhibit ended up being the geology one. Maybe I'm becoming my dad. There's something about brightly colored rocks that inspires me. And I should probably start investing in gemstones. (For those not in the know, my dad was a geologist once upon a time. He still has the rock cabinet to prove it.)

Earlier in the day, as I was waiting for my parents outside the museum, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was one of my best friends from high school. With her husband. These random meetings happen a lot to me. I once ran into old youth-group friends on a street corner at 3 a.m. And I'm NEVER on a street corner at 3 a.m.

The Sartorialist Lite

As a follow up to this post, I'd like to reassure you all that I did survive my evening with Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist). I wore a dress. He did not scoff at me. Major win.

If I were to have a "What I Wore" style blog, it would be Poladroid-style. Because it redeems the non-amazing lighting situation in my living room. And gives me the hipster edge I need.

New Zealand...Rocks

I think I want one of these posters. Because I love Murray. I also love New Zealand. Probably. Note to self: Visit New Zealand and confirm this suspicion.

Nerd Herd Forever

And I'm excited for Chuck's third season. Behold the poster of awesomeness.


Cee Burr said...

So did you get your picture taken?

nadine said...

Nope. He was the guest of honour. He wasn't there taking pictures. He was there being fawned over :)

Cee Burr said...

Too bad.