Monday, July 13, 2009

There Goes a Year of My Life

Choosing outfits for work, nights out, dinner parties, holidays, gym and other activities means the average female will spend 287 days rifling through their wardrobe.

The iPod supports these findings. As does my reality. And I'm not even dolling up for nights on the town. I'm just trying to reconcile my closet and my brain. They don't get along well.

Lyrical wardrobe issues:

I've been wondering what you're thinking
And if you like my dress tonight

~Scratch, Kendall Payne

Fifteen minutes left to throw me together
For Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Forever

~Settlin', Sugarland

You change your mind like a girl changes clothes
~Hot N Cold, Katy Perry

See her, heavy makeup and cut T-shirt
Every girl out wants to be her
But they look the same already, why adjust?

~Rock & Roll, Eric Hutchinson

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