Monday, June 29, 2009

Life as a Run-On Sentence

I'm not exactly bored, but I'm certainly distracted. I blame this on a lack of sleep. And on an eight-day social binge that has left me both financially wounded and girl-talked out. I miss my couch. And yet I feel as though I may have to retrain myself to live alone. It's suddenly odd that my living room isn't taken over by an air mattress.
Essentially, I feel like I've been living inside of a run-on sentence. This is that sentence:
My delightful cousin Grace arrived at my doorstep on Sunday and we went for a long walk to and from Lick's before staying up way too late chatting about life, which was probably not the best preparation for a nine-hour workday the next day that left me exhausted and not at all in the mood to pack for three days in Stratford, where I ate too much and got my annual fix of theatrical inspiration (while my cousins - yep, Martha showed up too - hung out my place in Toronto), and concluded with a text from another friend notifying me of Michael Jackson's death and asking to crash at my place on Sunday, an exciting request I couldn't refuse even though my Saturday was booked with all-day plans of concerts-at-Wonderland greatness that ended with a short collapse onto my bed after midnight only to be followed by a morning of church and lunch with friends before exploring the city and shopping for hats and old-school Our Lady Peace with friend-from-Vancouver Beth, who also happens to enjoy sweet-potato fries and chocolate cake as much as I do.
And now I'm going through withdrawal.
  • It's so much fun to be frends with your family. I highly recommend it. (And I also love it when age gaps disappear and everyone's just straight-up cool.)
  • I have a growing book and music list. I like recommendations. The filtering work is done for me.
  • On Friday, Grace and I had a YouTube party that happened to include Audio Adrenaline's Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus. We laughed. And then we heard it played live the next day. Sometimes I love life.
  • I'm pretty sure my twin lives in Vancouver. We have the same hat.
  • Nutritional math: organic vegetarian salad + Oreo cheesecake = balanced meal.
  • I saw "that actor." On stage. He doesn't hang out in bars on Tuesdays like I do. Whew.
  • I wore a necklace from North Africa today. It was fabulous. It made up for the earring I lost this week.
  • I ate at a restaurant once frequented by Kevin Spacey. And discovered I like cornish hens, chickpea frites, goat cheese tarts and Pinot Grigio. Almost as much as I love garlic fries after midnight.
  • I don't have much money. And don't particularly aim to spend all of it. But once you start to splurge, it's tough to rein it in.
  • Ever hang out a merch table only to realize that the guy selling the T-shirts is the son of your old Sunday School teacher? My life is amazing.
  • I have had the same song stuck in my head all week. I blame Grace. But because she first heard the song at my place, I suppose it's my fault. So I blame myself.
  • I bought an assortment of dark chocolates in Stratford. Rheo Thompson. Practically legendary. But with exhaustion comes lack of self-control. And it is all gone. I'm sure an object lesson can be found in this.
  • Apparently I need a new wingman. I like friends who are super-curious on my behalf. Competitively so.
  • When I'm famous, I will endorse Neutrogena sunscreen. I'm still sunburn free.
  • I'm taking next weekend off from all social insanity. So if you need me, you'll find me in sweats. Lazing around. Maybe finally writing. And not eating Stratford chocolate. Sigh.
  • I really like happy people. Laughter has been in abundance this week. So addictive.
  • And tonight, I'm one of those happy people.
G'night, all.

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Beth said...

i'm sorry that i added to your exhaustion & poor spending habits BUT i'm not sorry that i had a fantastic visit with you.

fyi, the hat started sliding a bit after 6 hours...but that's a good long day out of it.