Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seth Rogen Is Not Christian Bale

I'm one of those movie fans who generally knows nothing about the comic book yet still eagerly shows up for the superhero movie of the month. I figure that if the movie's any good, it will be stand-alone. It shouldn't expect that its audience has a massive amount of background knowledge. At the same time, it should satisfy those friends of mine who know in excruciating detail the characters and story lines that are being brought to life.

Which is why I'll never adapt a comic book. Too much pressure. Too many people to satisfy. And too many people unwilling to be satisfied.

I loved Iron Man. Even though I knew nothing of Tony Stark prior to sitting in my seat. Ditto with Hellboy. Seriously. Rent it. And I think everyone who knows me (even as a most distant acquaintance) knows how I feel about the upcoming The Dark Knight. It's the reason July exists.

I know nothing about the Green Hornet. So I have no expectations for a movie about him. I do, however, know who Seth Rogen is. And, well, he's not exactly Robert Downey Jr. (who looks stunning considering a history of substance abuse that should have stripped him of any physical beauty. Lucky man). Or Bale. Or even Maguire. But he's signed on to write and star in the film adaptation of the masked crime-fighter. And I'm simultaneously confused and intrigued.

Head over to MovieZen for more. Because you love me.

But maybe not as much as I love Batman.

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Beth said...

i know the green hornet theme song from my childhood somehow. but that's about it.