Sunday, June 15, 2008

Anyone Wanna Buy a Halfpipe?

This is my parents' backyard. Because they love their skateboarding son. But now they are putting the house up for sale. And the halfpipe must go. Immediately. Either to a good home or to a scrapyard.

If you're interested, contact my dad. Or me. And I will contact him on your behalf.

And yes, it needs resurfacing. As evidenced by lack of solid surface.

And no, I have never been on it. Because I enjoy the full use of all my limbs.

Personally, I think a backyard bonfire would be the most entertaining solution....

P.S. In this case, "buy" is slang for "it's free if you can haul it away."


michael lewis said...

That half-pipe is enough to warrant a feature episode on sell that house or flip that house or my house is worth what?...pretty much anything on HGTV.

The lumber doesn't appear to be pressure-treated; I vote for the community bonfire.

mike said...

the lumber that is on the ground is pressure treated

Anonymous said...

where is this?