Monday, June 23, 2008

The Art of Communication: Lunchtime Edition

Nadine: Hi, I'd like a Caesar salad. With grilled chicken. And a Diet Pepsi. Thanks.
Dude: Coming right up. You want fountain or bottle?
Nadine: Are they the same price?
Dude: No. The bottle's 20 cents more.
Nadine: I'll take fountain. Thanks.

Moments later....

Nadine: Excuse me. Uh, your Diet Pepsi tastes like root beer.
Dude: No, it's just the line.
Nadine: I'm pretty sure it's root beer.
Dude: No, it's just the line. It's fine. It just has some of the flavor. It's Diet Pepsi, but it tastes like root beer.
Nadine: *blank stare*

So I headed back to work. Where I drank my root-beer-flavored Diet Pepsi. And ate a salad topped with greasy, fried crispy chicken. Because breaded is the new grilled. Just as sugar is the new aspartame.

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