Saturday, May 24, 2008

on her toes: the book

I spent my entire day at my computer. I came to two very real conclusions:
  1. A wooden computer chair is a stupid idea.
  2. I should marry a masseuse. Or at least visit one.
I've become obsessed with the idea of writing a book. Do I actually have a book idea? Not really. Not yet. Well, maybe. But that hasn't stopped my new preoccupation with all things self-publishing. I started at Lulu. Then I wasted a rather significant amount of time on TasteBook, pondering the art of the cookbook, and then headed over the Blurb, where I slurped my blog into a book. You have no idea how this completely blew my mind. Right up until my computer crashed.

Notes to self:
  1. Buy a laptop. One that doesn't crash.
  2. Have an adventure. Write about it. Or write about lack of adventure.
  3. Publish a book. Any book. Even just a photo book of an aging computer.
  4. Cross off "publish something" from the famous Bucket List.
Sigh. There's no way Shakespeare looked like Joseph Fiennes. Not even a little bit.

And yes, the first photo is of my bookshelf. I'm also slightly addicted to Photoshop Express.


Beth said...

how is it that we are the SAME person? this, i don't understand. but i appreciate it.

michael lewis said...

Want a laptop / notebook which doesn't crash?

Get a MacBook.

Ann Manby said...

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