Monday, May 05, 2008

Josh Ritter, anyone?

"Real Long Distance"

Josh blogs about the video here. I heart him. And love this song.
He'll be opening for Blue Rodeo in Toronto this summer.
I may be there.

Or I could just wait for the New Kids concert in the fall. I know I could find a cheaper excuse to crimp my hair, but the idea of reliving a part of the '80s I didn't even really live is pretty fascinating. I guess it's Coupland's "legislated nostalgia" again. Their new single wins the award for guilty pleasure of the day. I won't pretend to hate it. That would be mean. And a lie.

I was a little schizo with music today. I also had Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" in my head. All day. To the point where I was singing it aloud. In the shower. On the street. I don't care if it's the most overplayed love song of my generation. I'm still a sucker for it. So if you're a boy with a guitar (and you secretly love me), you have your hint :)

Or just write me an original. I could live with that....

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