Monday, May 12, 2008

Beauty Is Overrated

What do the following gentlemen have in common?

Christian Bale
Ryan Gosling
Zachary Levi
Jake Weber
Lee Pace
James McAvoy
Matt Damon
Denzel Washington
Matthew Fox
Casey Affleck
Hugh Laurie
George Newbern
David Krumholtz
Josh Holloway
Joshua Jackson
Jake Gyllenhaal
Henry Ian Cusick

Okay, so I cheated. They all have TWO things in common.
  1. They each fall into a "fake boyfriend" or "favorite character" or "will watch anything he's in" category. Yes, at some point in my short little life, I've probably said "I love" before each one of their names.
  2. Most shockingly, NOT ONE made it onto People Magazine's "100 Most Beautiful People" list. I'm personally offended. Apparently, I'm not into beauty. And they even expanded the list from 50 to 100.
And then there are the gorgeous women. Again, most of my favorites were absent:

No Natalie Portman. No Evengeline Lilly. No Julia Roberts. No Helen Mirren. No Cate Blanchett. No Keri Russell. No Michelle Williams. No Rachel McAdams. No Sandra Bullock.

The list just confused me. I don't understand how the casts of Gossip Girls and The Hills define beauty. Probably because I don't equate "vacant physical attractiveness" with "beautiful." I like substance. Instead of silently fuming over the ridiculousness of arbitrary "pretty" lists, I blogged about it over at MovieZen. So go check it out. Because you love me, whether I'm on some list or not.

P.S. You're all on my list. Blog readers are gorgeous.

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Kathleen said...

Back around 1996 I wrote People this long, long email about how it was a crime they didn't consider Jarvis Cocker for their then-fairly-new "Most Beautiful" list. Oh, how the People bullpen must've laughed over that one (If they knew who the hell I was talking about.)