Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Since work is still sparse, I left early yesterday to catch Snakes on a Plane with my brother and a co-worker. I figured it would be a better use of my time than checking my email. Again. Seriously, Gmail should give me an award for being eagerly pathetic and ridiculously dedicated to their service.

Here’s the lowdown, folks. I know you want to know.

It sucked. And because it lived up to my expectations, I must give my two thumbs up (since Ebert’s still in recovery and can’t do it for me). It’s been a while since a film delivered what it promised. I appreciate that.

It’s a little vulgar, it’s a little gory, the snakes are fake, and Sam Jackson even dumbed down his acting as if trying to nab that Razzie nomination. Questions are left unanswered (How did the snakes get on the plane?) and Playstation is the real hero of the story.

I found a cheap theatre that only charged me $4.24 for my ticket. That’s cheaper than renting it. And if you don’t see it in theatres, don’t bother ever seeing it. The whole point is the group experience – the laughter, the cheering, and the “Why did he do that?” from the "way too young to see a graphic snake attack during an initiation into the Mile-High Club" kid behind you. Apparently in the States, some teens let loose a couple rattlesnakes in the theatre during a showing. Sometimes I want to be a parent just to show people how it’s done.

Should you go see it? Only if you have either cash or time to waste (time was my waster. I never have cash). And you have no pride. Oscar season is coming…


pastor mike said...

I've heard 2 comments
1/ the producers put a bunch of grade 9 boys in a room & said "we have snakes on a plane - what happens?"

2/ the SOAP "experience" is like the Rocky Horror Picture experience without the cross-dressing.

I don't think this anywhere close to being on my "to see" list

michael lewis said...

I haven't seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, and likely won't. Which is something that SOAP has in common when it comes to me.

The movie looks stupid, and likely is stupid.

Just proves that there are dumb people in the world and there is a market for trash other than Michigan and Toronto's garbage.

These definitely do NOT go to 11.

Ben said...


You might be interested in this. I think that the movie was made using a bunch of suggestions from some website. Someone proposed the name and then a bunch of web people thought up ideas of stuff that should happen in the movie. Then the filmed it.

Kinda crazy eh?

nadine said...

My whole office was really into all the Internet buzz. In fact, a bunch of them are on a kickball team called "Kickballs on a Plane."

Yeah, I think the concept/ original script was pitched to Sam Jackson, he took the role based on the title, and then fans kind of took over from there. It's insane, really.