Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday. Not much to show for it.

“Welcome, shepherds, and thank you for shopping at seller.”

That’s what I thought she said. Apparently, it was:

“Welcome, shoppers, and thank you for shopping at Zellers.”

I walked to Zellers today, hoping to buy storage solutions that are apparently only available at Ikea. This particular shopping centre happens to be the cheapest, brand-less and sketchiest I’ve been to in a while. All clothing was polyester, the food court was no-name grease, and the bulk food was over-priced. Hardly a successful trip, but it got me out of my apartment.

Other updates/thoughts:

  • I know Swiffers are contributing to the trash problems in our world, but I bought one today. My new toy. I love it.
  • I hate meeting people through email. I feel like I’m writing a cover letter instead of just saying hello.
  • If you wear the wrong shade of lipstick, your teeth can appear quite yellow. Be warned.
  • I need to see Half Nelson. Ryan Gosling is the new Christian Bale.
  • I applied for a job. I had an interview. Then they got rid of the position.
  • By the way, I totally called the Benji win on So You Think You Can Dance?
  • Pluto is no longer a planet. Grade school teachers everywhere are desperately trying to write catchy new solar-system jingles.
  • Peter’s Friends is a pretty great little British movie. You can only see it on VHS. And I love Hugh Laurie. And Kenneth Branagh. And Emma Thompson. It’s full of that depressing humor I can relate to all too well:
    • “It's like kindergarten, school, university, black hole.”
  • Boys in cars with loud stereos will holler at you if you have blonde hair. They drive right past if you have auburn hair. Girls, in an effort to make our roads safer (and quieter), let’s all ditch the blonde.
  • I sliced my hand open on a broken glass while washing the dishes. Being domestic is dangerous.


michael lewis said...

Didn't Gosling destroy his career with The Notebook?

Beth said...

Ryan Gosling...I liked him way back on Breaker High. Now there's quality programming!

And word up on the dangers of domesticity. I burnt myself BBQing last week and still have callous/scars on my fingers.

SSS said...

I thought he was great as Young Hercules. What a diverse resume.

nadine said...

The Believer is an awesome flick to check out if you want to see some amazing acting (he's a Jewish Neo-Nazi). And The Notebook made me look forward to dying. And Breaker High rocks! And Remember the Titans is just so darn inspirational...

I might have to marry him.

Beth said...

i'll fight you for him.