Monday, August 14, 2006

Last Choice Hairbotchers

A girl at work got a great haircut from First Choice Haircutters. Not one to pass up on a good deal, I decided to give it a try. I mean, a cut for less than $15 in Toronto? Who wouldn’t love that?

I wouldn’t. I brought five pictures with me, all of them with slightly-layered chin-length bobs. Very chic. A little British, even.

I should have run when I asked the stylist if she had a washroom I could use and she thought I was asking her to wash my hair. If that wasn’t a bright enough red flag, perhaps the fact that she didn’t understand that I wanted my hair to look like the photos I brought should have had me out of there. Unfortunately, I do not easily run.

So my hair is too long, and the layers have that choppy “Look, Ma, I cut my own hair” look, and yet are still too few. My thick hair now hangs like a triangle off my head. She didn’t take shape or texture into consideration. In fact, I had to suggest that she part my hair in the middle so that the strands on both sides of my head could be even. This didn’t help much, but she did it. And she kept asking me what she should do. “Should I layer it here? Is this where you want the layers?” I DON’T KNOW! I want the picture. If I knew how to do it, I would.

I’m not sure if I look like a soccer mom or the kid being dragged to soccer practice. Yes, I’m either 35 or 10.

Sheesh. I am not built for vanity, clearly.


SSS said...

At least your hair is too long. A qualified expert might be able to turn it into the haircut you wanted.


I've been to First Choice 6 or 7 times and been happy with the haircut only once. I don't go there anymore.

nadine said...

Hair update:

It is now awesome. I found a place on Queen St. W. that knew how to cut hair. $42 later, I'm a stylin' woman once again.

Thanks for caring, everyone.

michael lewis said...

I have to pay $25.

In Lethbridge.

And I have short hair.

So really, I can't imagine what you were thinking in going to FCH. Did you go to the same location as your coworker? Did you get the same "stylist"?

At least your lesson was only $15, and a really good story.

(Think of all the material you're accumulating to begin writing!!!)

nadine said...

Different "stylist" and location. Yet another brainless moment in the long history of hair mistakes made by me.

I now have auburn hair. I can't stop. Only two weeks ago, I had long blonde hair. Now it's short and reddish. I suppose the buzz cut is next...