Saturday, August 05, 2006

10 Days In My Life

Okay, so I haven’t blogged in a while. I figured that I’d give you a quick rundown of what the last week or so has looked like:

Thursday, July 27

Arrived at work early only to be sent home after 1 ½ hours. Fortunately I had my luggage with me, so I grabbed an early bus to Kitchener.

Friday, July 28

My parents’ anniversary. It’s also the first day of my Stratford weekend. I met my friend Jen in Stratford while taking a three-week course in Shakespearean acting and criticism in 2003. We now meet there every summer; it’s our annual outing. We saw Much Ado About Nothing. Pretty delightful. And then her parents took us out to a pricey restaurant. Nice. Although I’ve decided that white wine with a lemongrass aftertaste is a little gross. Who wants a lemongrass aftertaste? I want a wine that tastes like chicken. Or a Shirley Temple.

Saturday, July 29

Back in Stratford. Saw Coriolanus. I had no idea what it was about going into it. The real reason we went was because a certain actor was in it and we tend to casually stalk him. The play was quite visually stunning, including the onstage burning of a corpse. And Colm Feore was brilliant. Jen headed off to another show (after we spent a few hours at Down the Street-- my favorite bar in the whole entire world-- eating the best garlic fries in the whole entire world). I hope to live in Stratford one day. Picnics every day, I tell you.

Sunday, July 30

Went to church in a movie theatre (The Meeting House - Yorkdale Mall). Seriously. And they showed a clip from Scary Movie 3. Again, seriously. It was pretty cool. My whole family then headed to a surprise birthday party for my aunt and uncle. It was actually a surprise. And my sarong was fine, for those who might care. I think it’s time to retire my skit self. I enjoy acting, but family-written jokes aren’t really my thing. Had Rolo chocolate cones for dinner.

Monday, July 31

Went to work. Nothing special. The schedule was pretty sparse. That Shakespearean actor we stalk? He emailed me. Apparently he never checks his email. So we missed him. Maybe we’ll hang out next year. Crazy man.

Tuesday, August 1

I checked my work schedule at 6am. There was nothing on it. In my half-awake daze, I fired off an email to my boss, bluntly expressing my confusion at the lack of hours (and subsequent inability to pay my rent). My boss emailed me back by 8:15 and promised me that from now on I will have priority with the scheduling. I went in late, and ended up having a full week.

Wednesday, August 2

Went to my cousins’ for dinner with my brother. I think I confused them by explaining that the oldest son in Cheaper by the Dozen is really Superman. And that Dorothy from Wizard of Oz is dead. But Shirley Temple is not.

Thursday, August 3

Did some laundry. Drano’d my bathtub. You know you’re growing up when you actually go to the story to buy Drano.

Friday, August 4

Scrubbed my bathtub now that it’s draining properly. Boy, my life keeps getting more and more fascinating.

Saturday, August 5

Went for a walk to Value Village this morning. It’s farther away than I thought. It took over 45 minutes to get there. And the store was tiny with nothing that fit me. So I went home and watched Legends of the Fall. I had no idea that the kid from E.T. grew up to be Brad Pitt’s brother. I brainstormed some story ideas for a sitcom I’m still trying to develop and quite possibly overdosed on jelly beans in the process.

That is my life. Sleeping Dogs is now on IMDB, but there’s no cast or crew listed yet. There are also the beginnings of an official website.

Twelve days till my birthday…

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