Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 17th

I love Kendall Payne. And she happens to have a song about being 23. And I happen to be 23. Funny how these things happen...

Twenty Three

Twenty three when did we become grown?
I never noticed the seeds of the cynic being sown.
Will we starve will the harvest time reap
Freedom or chains hope or disdain for the weak?
Twenty three when did we become safe?
We pray to feel pleasure and hate when we have to feel pain

Let me see your burn let me see your bruise
You look just like me
Let me see where you’re broken in two.

We pretend when we find the end of ourselves
Afraid to be real so we say that we’re somebody else
Little ones teach the big to be free
Children are only un-costumed humanity

While we wait here in the dark love lends a spark
But we can’t decide
‘Cause coming back to life is harder than hell
Once you have died

Finally I can see with your eyes
That everyone angry is only just aching inside
Twenty-three when the sun sets tonight
There’s always a reason we just cannot leave it behind


Wendy said...

Oh Nadine!

I have wanted to get a birthday message to you since it was your birthday! You are 23 now and that should not go uncelebrated. I was camping the day of your birthday and got distracted with that. So, please do accept my belated birthday wishes and know that somebody in BC loves you!

nadine said...

Wishes accepted. I love you too.