Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Have Teeth. But No Style. Yet.

I went to the dentist today. This is a slightly (or very) big deal, as I now have benefits at work and am no longer showing up as my father's dependent. The last time I went to the dentist, the paperwork that got filed listed me as my father's common law wife. Too weird and disturbing.

Apparently my Diet Coke habit has yet to erode my teeth (I specifically brought this up). No cavities for me, yet again. The dentist's assistant took me aside when the dentist left the room and explained to me that I am going to get cancer from the aspartame. She was so serious. I was trying so hard not to laugh. She said she couldn't explain why, but it would happen. I drink a lot of water and tea, too. She made it sound like I snort, inject, and binge on aspartame.

I also went to the mall. I tried stuff on. Some of it fit. I bought nothing. I'm trying to decide if I should look all hip and chic for the film festival (tickets go on sale on the 6th - Sleeping Dogs plays Thursday the 14th, and Saturday the 16th - let me know if you're coming), or I should look broke and desperately in need of work. Maybe I should dress up like a sleeping dog. Or like Cate Blanchett or Reese Witherspoon and sneak into one of their parties.

That was my day. Work was slow. I worked on Smallville today. I'll admit it's a pretty decent little teen drama. I actually like Tom Welling better than Brandon Routh. More interesting.


michael lewis said...

Brandon Routh is already an icon. An ICON!!!

Now, with all this news about polygamy on CNN and such, and how Canada is so slack and has polygamists everywhere that we don't have pot heads smoking kilograms of marijuana, and people roaming around without guns, your whole "I'm my father's common law wife" sounds a bit blasé.

By the way, I watched some tv tonight!!! I was at the gym and I had control of the remote in the men's premium change room. I crushed all urges to linger on either W or TLC (I usually watch tv at my gay friend's house), and went to CNN instead. I got an eye full of Anderson Cooper and his "special" on the polygamists in Utah and Arizona. WOW!!! That's kind of weird.

But the funny thing is that socially, we're disgusted with the notion. But really, isn't it better that a promiscuous male actually sticks with the woman and does some parenting? What about the average guy who has several kids with different mothers and is married to none of them and doesn't support any of them? Isn't he worse?

So, don't dress like a polygamist. Unless you want an acting part in a film about polygamists.

nadine said...

Don't dress like a polygamist unless I'm auditioning for "Big Love." Check.

~drea said...

i know you were trying not to laugh at your dental assistant. But seriously cut out the aspertame, the real truth is, is that it hasn't been proved that it causes cancer YET. My dad used to be addicted to Diet coke, it wasn't pretty, he was up to 10 or 11 cans a day. Something that addictive is not good for you. Plus, it makes you crave sugar even more, because its a sugar replacement. So it's just as bad as having a bag of sugar everyday. Anyways, I'm done being momish.. later deener

nadine said...

Hey, I live alone. Momishness is welcomed. My addiction is limited to only one a day (sometimes two), but I will take you warning into consideration and try to swap it out for green tea when I can. Glad to know that you don't want me to die. At least not that way...