Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Love a Little Good News

This story is awesome. An 8-year-old gets lost on a weekend camping trip in Colorado. He's missing for three days. Remarkably, a search party finds him hiding in a cave:

He was found about five miles away from the campsite. It took rescuers on ATVs 1½ hours to ferry Evan out to a staging area. Afterward, Evan ate bananas and pizza.

Evan then told his aunt he wants to go camping again.

How cool are kids? A little pizza and he's ready to go again.


michael lewis said...

He should be punished for wandering off.

Who pays the rescuer bills?

What about the negligent parents who lost him?

Does the state of Colorado have a child welfare department?

nadine said...

So cynical, Michael. So cynical.
And to answer your questions:

1. Not me, so I'm not really all that concerned.

2. They're somewhere punishing him for wandering off, as you suggested.

3. It does. I'm sure they've warned his parents that pizza and bananas is not appropriate for a kid coming off a three-day fast. I'm sure he'll be joining the foster-kid club (over 500,000 members!) shortly.